SUNSUN - Automatic Aquarium Heater | JRB-210 | 100W

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SUNSUN JRB Series of Submersible Aquarium Heaters are of very high quality which are being manufactured utilising superior components and construction.Water glass body that can be completely drowning in water and can be placed in the design of the type Cylinder. The product configuration and support Sucker snapshot can be built on the actual site installation. Strong simulation of natural light, can promote the growth and development of aquatic organisms, suitable for Sea water and fresh water. And it can be placed on the cylinder and used the sink full of water. Includes 2 suction cups and clips to secure the pelvis Caution: 1. Water level is not under "mininum" sign 2. Maximum sinking should be within 120 cm 3. Power plug is always higher than the water tank Heater Light does not work reasons: 1: Induction heating rods need 1-2 minutes. 2: The temperature setting is too low. 3: The temperature of the water with the temperature setting of the same.
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